1025 Lake Forest Lane Aiken, SC 29803


Hay and Grain Stores

There are many suppliers in the area. Until you do your research, two main sources to start with:
Aiken County Farm Supply: (aka Pace's) 803-649-2987
Aiken's Tractor Supply
Aiken Saddlery: 803-649-6583

Internet & Television Providers

Like most of the Aiken Equestrian neighborhoods there is not currently cable services available.
Best available options are the Verizon Broadband wireless 4G mifi jetpack or AT&T mobile hotspot devices.
The TV choices are Direct TV or Dish for TV reception.
Satellite cable service is also offered through Viasat and HughesNet.

Fox Hollow Speed Limit

The Speed Limit at Fox Hollow is 15mph on all roads. Horses do have the right of way.


The Langley Recycling and trash location is just a few miles from here.You can bring your garbage and they recycle almost everything except bottles.
If you want trash pick up contact the local vendor: Tyler's Sanitation (803) 648-6714

Emergency Services

Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Dept responds to Fox Hollow On The Lake. Beech Island Volunteer Fire Dept is their back-up Mutual Aid. Beech Island Volunteer Fire Dept responds to inside the Fox Hollow 1 gates, and both sides of Boyd Pond Rd and Horse Creek Rd. Silver Bluff Volunteer Fire Dept is their back-up Mutual Aid.

We have a system to automatically open both Fox Hollow main gates by siren access for any county Emergency vehicle, including the Sheriff's Dept Police Cars, Ambulances and Fire Trucks. The Dept's also have a special Emergency gate code for access by the volunteers who show up in their personal vehicles.

Smart 911

Aiken County residents can sign up for a free service called Smart 911 that provides vital information to emergency responders when you call 911. Smart 911 allows residents to provide critical information, such as emergency contacts, children's photos or medical conditions, on a secure website for access by emergency responders. You can list each of your pet's, post your photos for the Emergency teams, Prescription drugs taken, etc. It can be as detailed as you want it to be. The more information the better in case of a Fire or Medical Emergency.

For those inside the gates on either side of Fox Hollow, Check the gate code needed box and add a note: "Activate Siren continuously for at least 10 seconds to open the main gate".

The information is only up on the screen for 25 minutes for Dispatcher access.

Sign up today at www.Smart911.com